April 13, 2022

Chakra Balancing With Rose

Chakra Balancing With Rose

Please enjoy this chakra balancing meditation with Rose.  To be 100% honest, I'm not entirely happy with the sound quality but there is big energy moving through this recording that really wants to be shared.  In addition to my voice, you will hear Himalayan Singing Bowls tuned to the chakras.  May this meditation serve your very highest good!

-Big Love,

Jessica C


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Thank you for joining me for a chakra clearing meditation with rose. In this meditation, we will call in the essence of rose. I personally will be taking the rose flower essence from ReSourced Apothecary. You can use whatever plant medicine you resonate with or that you have with you, or you can simply call in the spirit and the essence of rose to be with you and share her medicine during this meditation.

So we'll start out by finding a comfortable position. My favorite is laying down, but any position that's comfortable for you will work as long as you are able to keep a nice straight spine and really feel into the areas of all of your chakras.

So you'll get comfortable, can close your eyes if you like. And we'll go ahead and start by taking three nice deep cleansing breaths. Inhale and see a column of light flowing in through the top of our head and our crown flowing down the midline of the body and exhaling out through the feet. And once more, we will inhale bringing energy again, through the crown, down the center line of the body and exhaling out through the feet.

And on this third breath, really allow yourself to feel the flow of energy moving through you. Set an intention to keep that energy flowing in and through, throughout this meditation.

And allow your breathing to take whatever pattern feels comfortable for you and shift your attention to your crown chakra.

we see a, in our mind's eye, a picture of a beautiful pitcher filled with golden light sitting a few inches above our head.

See that pitcher tipping to pour golden light into your crown, letting that come in at whatever flow feels comfortable for you, knowing that you can never take too much and the pitcher will never run out.

Allowing the crown chakra to be bathed in this golden light.

And call in as much as we need. We see this light starting to move in and around our head.

It's moving now through the third eye and as it bathes the third eye,

it offers cleansing clearing of any stagnant energy. Anything that may be blocking

the third eye or it's ability to operate for your highest good.

And we let this light carry away all of that energy, which no longer serves your highest good.

We feel the third eye being cleansed and cleared that third eye chakra spinning at just the right pace for you.

Now that the crown is open and clear. The third eye is open and clear move further down into the throat chakra pulling in that golden light that's pouring in and letting it move through the face and in around the ears, down the neck, clearing the throat

down into and around the tops of the shoulders.

You might notice that that light that is pouring in starts to take on a blue color. Might feel a cooling sensation as that blue swims around in your head, clearing the area of your mouth, your jaws, moving back and clearing the ears, neck, the throat.

And the tops of the shoulders.

As this clearing is taking place, we set an intention that

our ears be tuned to the information needed to serve our highest good.

that we strengthen our ability to listen and hear

And as our mouth is cleared, we set the intention to speak with kindness

as the throat is cleared,

really see an opening for

our truth to be communicated. To be sent out and received in the very highest good

as energy is allowed to move through the chakra in an aligned way.

We know our higher self is being served.

We know that when we share our truth with the world in this aligned manner, we're also sharing our light with the world.

And that light is the gift that we have to give. That is unique to us. That the world absolutely needs.

As we move down to the tops of the shoulders and across the shoulder blades, we take stock. Are we carrying any baggage? Any weight that is not ours to carry Is there anything we could let go of?

As we move down further, still we move into the realm of the heart.

Might notice this energy that we've been pulling through our chakras turning into a deep, beautiful green.

You see it moving through the chest, through the physical heart, through our arms, into. Our hands, maybe even flowing out through our palms

As this green light moves around in this area of the heart chakra.

It clears out any stagnant energy.

anything that no longer serves our highest good

and I invite you to pay attention in this area.

Is there anything you've been holding that has become too heavy? Any grief,

sadness or fear.

And could you even if, just for a little while, lay that down?

Is there any emotion or feeling that you've been holding here because it doesn't want to be felt or better put, because you don't want to feel it?

This is a great place for rose to come in and hold you while you experience whatever emotion or feeling you've been avoiding,

understanding that. When we fully feel these emotions

they're able to then leave the body allowing for flow to return.

no longer stagnating causing imbalances in your energy body and eventually your physical body.

So we ask rose, "Hold me while I feel this. Help me to feel this and then let it go.

And we come back to the heart center, see that green light shining brightly

feeling this whole area being cleansed and cleared.

We then allow this energy to flow further down into the abdomen in and around the solar plexus,

we might notice this energy taking on a yellow color.

feel into this space and see if you can become aware of your spark, the light that is housed here in this solar plexus,

Notice the shape, the intensity.

Allow This energy that we're pulling in this sound that we're receiving to feed your spark,  allow it to become a healthy flame,

remembering that the source of this energy.  Is this source of all that is,  remembering that you can pull in as much as you need to feed your flame

and start to really become aware of the light being emitted by that flame.

see it shining out from all different directions. Understanding that again, this light.

is shining through the lens of your being.  That is your special gift,

the product of the alchemy that happens when you bring in source energy into your body, infuse that with your being, and then let it shine out.

We let our attention flow down further into the sacral chakra the hips on the physical body,

the space of our creative center.

Creative in terms of physically the area where we hold our power to create new life. Energetically, where we hold our power to create

in unbounded ways. You might see the energy that we've been pulling in turn to a deep orange as it swirls in and around. Let that energy, gather up

anything that's been stored in this sacral chakra it no longer serves your highest good.

All of those thoughts and feelings of "who am I to create something new?"

All of those feelings of, "my creations aren't perfect. And therefore shouldn't be shared."

we'll honor this energy and let it go. It is not serving.

Ask rose to come in and support you while this space is cleared. While you connect back into your creative flow.

Understanding that as energy moves through you, and you interact with it

in ways that light you up

maybe that's in service to your passion. Maybe that's in a special way you choose to show up in the world. Maybe that is an actual, tangible creation that comes through you. Whatever that is. It is divine.

It is worthy

and you are absolutely worthy of creating it and sharing with the world.


Now we move into the root chakra. Allowing that orange energy from our sacral shakra to move down. and as it flows to turn deep red.

Seeing the red

that we would see if we looked deep into the core of the earth,

allowing ourselves to be connected to that core.

Fully supported by the earth.

that we stand upon.

Fully connected to our place in nature. To our place as nature,

fully connecting our energy into this physical body,

we can ask rose to help us open up, to allow all this energy that we've been pulling through from our crown to travel through our root and out of our being. Giving all of that energy back to the universe to be used and transmuted for the highest good allowing that energy to carry away any stagnation or blocks, negativity or just energy that does not belong to us anymore.

Understanding that when we are rooted, Into our being

that we can allow, the root chakra to release

all that, which is flowing through us, that we no longer need.

And this root chakra can also pull in support and sustenance from mother earth, much the way that roots of a plant do.

So we ask for assistance in opening and balancing this. chakra understanding that

the connection available to us when we balance so incredibly supportive

that we can find feelings of safety and security,

when we return to this balance of the root chakra. Connecting into the earth,

giving the earth what we can no longer use what we no longer need. Much like our breath, letting the earth transmit that energy.

And then pulling back in. All of those gifts, the earth has to give us, 

now we see this red energy flow. Back up through the sacral chakra turning orange as it goes.

Seeing it then flow up further into the solar plexus, turning yellow

to the heart, taking on that beautiful green color. Flowing higher still through the throat

and up into the third eye turning purple.

And up into the crown where it merges again with that beautiful golden light from source.

We allow our being to feel whole and balanced,

take a deep breath and really observe how your body feels right now.

And understand that as you move through your day, if you find yourself being pulled out of alignment,

you can return to this feeling. Sometimes you may need to return to this meditation and go through the process. Sometimes it may be as simple as bringing your awareness to your body, to your energy and setting an intention to return to alignment.

may the spirit and essence of rose support you and help you as you work on opening and clearing and balancing your chakras. May this meditation serve to help you

and may you know that you are so very loved.