June 15, 2022

Come Home

Come Home

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Come Home




Do you ever feel called, pulled, nudged to do something? Do you ever repeatedly not answer that call?

Same, same.

For the past couple of months, I have been feeling very called to work with Pine and Marjoram. We actually have very few pine trees on our property, which is rare for this area. So the call got my attention and then kind of confused me.

I'd go looking to see if any limbs had fallen or if there were any low branches whose needles I could reach. None. So I just kind of sat with that feeling that I needed to work with Pine. I use Marjoram in all my cooking, so I just assigned myself partial credit and kept rolling.

About two or three weeks after looking in my own yard for Pine, I was at my mom's house when her neighbor was being forced by the HOA to cut down a bunch of huge pine trees in her backyard. I'm going to save you my rant on HOAs because I can see their point in this case, but absolutely can't stand the whole institution. Okay. Back to the story.

I took some branches home with me and realized I needed to get moving on this.

At first, I thought I'd distill Pine and Marjoram together because that would be one heavenly hydrosol. I had some setup concerns with my gear and put it off for later. One night, soon after, I was getting ready for a bath and just intuitively headed for the medicine kitchen. Without thinking about it, I gathered some pine needles and marjoram into my bath tea bag and headed back to the tub.

I didn't get an overwhelming sense of the message of the plants, but I just felt so cozy that I stayed in the tub for an hour. That's a record for me. I love taking baths, but after about 20 minutes, I feel like I need to be doing something else.

The next bath I took, I found myself grabbing these same plants and realized I was forcing the wrong preparation with my hydrosol plan.

When prepping the pine for a batch of bath tea, it became clear that the combination would be Pine, Marjoram, Marigold, and Epsom salts. The smell is incredible.

Here's the transmission that followed my asking what message this collective of plant spirits is bringing forward:

The plants spoke together with one voice to say, "Earthy and earthly connection. We come together to offer the kind of grounding that lets you know, You are of the earth, not just on it. This deep connection is created through sensory experience and our qualities that open your energy body and your physical body to remember your place in nature, to remember your place as nature. As with true embodiment work words, won't do much good. Just trust, if you are called to this combination, that it is time to remember your nature. To remember you are nature.

Feel yourself in a cathedral of Pines with Marigold and Marjoram dancing around you. Take your place inside this living mandala. Feel your kinship to the plants and the ecosystem as a whole. Not above it. Not below it. Not outside. Within.

Honor, this place, this relationship and move through your days as a whole and healing member of this family. COME HOME.

Short and powerful they are!

I get the feeling that the Pines are great big elder family and the Marjoram and Marigold are younger family. The Epsom salts are the ancient elders and they just wish we would remember and come back home.

I find it so very fitting that during the month when ReSourced Apothecary was focused on grounding, this collective of plants and minerals came in and showed us how it feels to be truly grounded as nature rather than just in nature.

I also find it fitting that the plants I was putting off working with, because I just couldn't get grounded and clear on what direction to take, were coming in to show me how to get grounded and clear and to show me what direction to take. So for you, who said yes, in the beginning about not answering those nudges, maybe this can be a reminder, I know it is for me, to just answer the call, quit trying to avoid it.

Nature is a powerful resource and so much more than just a resource. It's an honor to feel so connected to my plant family. And it's an honor to share that connection with you.

With this blend more than probably any other, I highly recommend working with the actual plants. I hope this transmission has been powerful for you. And I can guarantee that the energy, these plants and minerals collectively carry is far more powerful than any words can convey.

If you are feeling ungrounded, if you are feeling disconnected, if you are wandering in search of that feeling of family that is supportive and safe, let me invite you to work with this bath tea blend. There are links in the show notes to get your bath tea. Don't forget a reusable bath teabag.

Allow these plant kin to remind you, that you can always COME HOME.