Sept. 13, 2022

Coriander Guided Meditation

Coriander Guided Meditation

Move stuck and stagnant energy out of your body and your energy field with sound bowls and coriander.


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the time feels right for calling in coriander and asking for assistance in moving energy out of our bodies, releasing the activation  that we find ourselves experiencing due to certain triggers around us. This is specifically helpful for those moments. When we realize we are chewing on an event, a conversation, a happening of some kind

that is in the past, it is done and over with. But we are allowing it to still traumatize our nervous system.

I'm not saying that we will forget or put that experience in the past, by working with Coriander to release this energy. What I am saying is that when we can reflect on an experience and a happening without returning to that triggered space, that activated  sympathetic nervous system reaction. We're able to actually do something to evolve.

And I know personally it can be very, very challenging to break the cycle of activation when it comes to certain events. Especially when they involve loved ones or they involve

very personal, meaningful exchanges.

So I'm asking Coriander to come in and give us the gift of release of moving the energy through our bodies so that we may complete the cycle

and let go, not to forget, not to erase.  simply to be able to rise above the activated state so that with a clear head and a calm heart, we can reflect on what's going on and move forward.

This will be a guided meditation with sound. I invite you to listen when you can fully devote your attention to this. So if you're driving, maybe press pause and come back. But don't be afraid to do this with others. Don't be afraid to just carve out some time, pop in your headphones and have this moment for yourself.

I offer it with the hopes that it will serve you whenever and wherever you need it. 

So find a comfortable position seated or lying down is your preference. My request is that your spine be as straight as possible. When we think about this, we're going to invite energy to move in through the crown, down the center line of the body and out through the root.

If that energy has a straight clear path, all the easier. So be mindful when you find your comfortable position that the goal is to create that open, clear path for energy movement.

As you get comfortable, relax the eyes either closed or with a soft, downward gaze.   We start to focus on our bodies, finding ourselves, situated, wherever we are giving gratitude for the fact that this body is supported in this now moment. Just because we expect the floor to hold us up, the ground to hold us up,

doesn't make it any less. Wonderful.

that that's what's happening.

And when we approach anything with gratitude in our hearts,

our vibration changes and the way that we interact with the world around us changes.

So allow yourself to find gratitude, even for the small things that really in truth, aren't that small.

And as we find that feeling of gratitude in the heart, starting to notice an expansive energy there, we turn our attention to our breath. We inhale big, deep inhale energy through the crown, letting it come down the center line of the body and then exhaling out through the root, letting that energy flow down deep into the earth.

And then again, we bring that inhale and that energy back in through the crown. Down through the center line of the body, exhaling out through the root.

And with this third breath, we notice a flow of energy in through the crown, down the center line of the body and out through the root.

We call on our source, our angels and guides and the spirit of coriander.

May we be supported and guided in releasing all that sticky energy within us. All the triggering energy. any energy that in its stuckness is an impediment to flow.  we release judgment of that energy. Good, bad. It doesn't even matter. We just return to flow.

Starting at the crown.

Allowing the sound to vibrate

the top of the head.

Opening up that connection to source

clearing out any energetic clutter,

moving into the third eye, feeling that vibration deep inside the skull. Imagining the sound just washing through the brain,

relaxing and releasing all that, which does not serve.

Feeling the sound and the energy. Start to travel down

into the ears and jaw releasing any tension you may be holding in those places.

Allowing this vibration and a cool soothing blue light to wash over your throat.

Let this sound carry away. Any stuck words

that you swallowed

any unsaid


may it also carry away all those messages you've received that keep playing in your head.


The emotional trigger

of hurtful words delivered to you by others.

We let the sound wash over the shoulders. Releasing any tension from holding up the world, you can lay down that weight.

Moving into the heart space.

Let this big sound

shake. Any stuck energy sitting in this heart space causing grief,

feeling heavy. Let it go.

We move down into the solar Plex.

We released. Any energy that may be dampening your fire.

Moving lower still. We. Come into the sacral chakra,

and we let this sound move through this area, clearing away

any heavy energy.

And down into the root.

Allowing this chakra to open and releasing all that, which we've gathered up,

letting it flow into the earth.

Now we continue to see that open roots chakra this time inviting in supportive earth, energy. Pulling it up from the depths of the earth, allowing yourself to be nourished much the way a plant pulls in nutrients through the roots.

We allow that nourishment to travel up. The body through the chakras

offering nourishment to these now clear spaces.

Seeing that nourishing energy traveling straight out through the crown,

flowing out all around you. Into your energy field.

Seeing earth, energy and source energy combining

inside your body and inside your energy field

to fill you up.

Just sit in the feeling of fullness,

the glow. Clear, pure alignment.

Feel your heart. Expand.

And know that as you move through the rest of your day,

you take this aligned energy, this clear field with you, wherever you go.

Your  unique light is able to shine out undistorted and beautiful.

And you give that gift to everyone around you

and my friend, it is a gift.

So thank you for taking this time

to release all that stuck, stagnant, triggering energy, to release all that, which does not serve you.

So that we can all feel that bright light inside of you.

Shine on my friend.