Sept. 13, 2022

Coriander Preamble

Coriander Preamble

A short intro to the following Coriander guided meditation


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Coriander Preamble



This week, we've got a two part podcast update for you. I've been feeling a lot of big energy moving for the past little while and if you're listening at the time of this recording, then you may be feeling some too. We've had a full moon recently. We have mercury stationed retrograde. We have all kinds of things happening on our community collective and global collective scale that

potentially could be triggering. And could be a wonderful opportunity for us to pause and get really clear as far as our energy so that we can be sure that as we move through these sticky, energetic times, that we're not carrying any excess energy with us. We're not applying old emotions. We're not reflecting, stuck energy from past experiences onto current and future happenings.

And just generally we're making sure to maintain proper energetic hygiene. So coriander wants to come in and help us move energy. In the next episode, you will find a guided meditation with coriander. I use sound and words to walk you through getting clear in your body in your field and just coming into aligned presence.

I hope as always that it serves your very highest good. It is separate so that if you want to come back to it, you don't have to listen to all my ramblings in order to get there. You're welcome.

But I do seriously. I do encourage you to carve out some time where you can get still and find yourself free from distractions for these moments and allow yourself to really walk through this process because it is incredibly powerful while also being incredibly simple.