Aug. 31, 2022

Energy Clearing: Practical Application

Energy Clearing: Practical Application

In this episode, I walk you through energetically clearing my home using the Cedarwood and Lyreleaf Sage smudge stick, Coriander Hydrosol and the Come Home bath tea from ReSourced Apothecary.


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Energy Clearing


 Hello, dear listener,

Today, I'm going to deviate from our usual plant spirit messages. Today, I'm sharing a real life example of how these plant spirit medicines can be used. I'm always inviting you to try the different products in the ReSourced Apothecary shop. And it occurred to me that if you are new to working with these types of medicines, you might not know exactly how you can use them.

 Energetic clearing and cleansing of spaces does not get near enough attention, even from me. Why is it that even when we are aware of the wider world of energy, all around us, it is so much easier to focus only on the physical?

Let me explain.

We recently purchased a beautiful home. When I tell you I knew in my bones that we would purchase this home before we even knew the address or looked inside, I'm not exaggerating. So when we did get the chance to walk in and see the tall ceilings and all the features on our list, it was real easy to know that this was our spot.

It was also real easy to overlook the underlying energy of the place.

The previous owner had a very large German shepherd named Irene who is adorable and who sheds enough hair every day to stuff a pillow. I Irene lived inside. So I noticed when I would go over to the house that I would leave sneezing and my skin would be irritated. Nothing, a deep clean couldn't. Before we moved in the most incredible cleaning crew came in and gave this house a makeover.

I'm still so impressed with what these ladies were able to do in one day. After we moved in, we had the ducks cleaned and we continued to keep cleaning. Then we all three got sick. Now, hold on a minute. This house is spotless inside and out. We haven't been going and doing, because we are unpacking. What gives?

This right here is where I am going to nerd out a bit. So stay with me.

I was only concerning myself with the physical: deep, clean the house, remove the dog hair, check the air quality, check the water quality.. But we know all too well that physical symptoms are the scream that comes when you don't listen to the whisper. When the energy underlying all things gets ignored.

So what else was going on here? I'm so glad you asked.

We do. That in the past three years, this house has experienced a divorce, a death and extended family living here then moving away. And that's just what we know about. This house was holding a lot.

What's crazy is I had every intention of coming over before we moved in and doing an energetic clearing because it's always a good idea.

But for one reason and another, I got busy with the work of packing and getting ready for movers and it never got done. Anyway, we moved in and got right to unpacking boxes. As the clutter was managed. I noticed there were some odd things going on. I got ANGRY every time I entered my bedroom closet. The organization system was clearly built by a very tall man and just all wrong, but that typically would not be enough to make me angry.

The pantry quite literally sucked the breath out of me. Like even when I just walked by. So weird. We also got some interesting comments from our new neighbors, letting us know there was probably more going on here than we knew.

It still took a doctor, who is a dear friend and a magical unicorn of a human telling me that my family was not going to fully recover from our illness until I addressed the energy in the house.

Like quit worrying about mold or water quality, stop obsessively cleaning stuff, and go clear your house. Then we can talk.

As I left her office, I had to laugh at myself. The plants have been preparing me for this task for months, way before I even imagined I'd be moving. I remember several months ago, I felt so moved to make cedarwood and Lyreleaf Sage smudge sticks, but then really didn't feel the need to use them at all. Huh? Well, here was my chance. While I was getting my smudge stick. Ready. The coriander hydrosol popped into my head. Oh, okay. This is getting good.

So why these two? What makes these two so powerful in the case of energetically clearing a space? Let's start with the smudge stick. Herbal smoke has been used in many different applications by many cultures throughout history.

When I use a smudge stick to clear a space or my own energy field, I am calling on the spirits of the plants in that smudge stick to offer their energy in the clearing process.

I set the intention that the smoke from the smudge will clear out any and all stuck or stagnant energy, carrying it to the light and back to source.

The cedarwood in this stick offers protection, helping me to set strong boundaries and amplifying my call for any residual energy to leave the space. The Lyreleaf Sage helps bring my energy and that of my family into presence in our new space. It amplifies my intention to gather up our energy from all those places we may have left it like our old house and to help us set strong roots here in this space.

Next, the coriander hydrosol comes in after smudging. I spray the coriander hydrosol all over calling in the spirit of coriander to support healthy energy flow in the space. I ask that any blocks to healthy flow be removed so that stagnation can be avoided. This is so special and a really nice addition to the process because I am not only clearing out energy that is not ours. I am also setting an intention that these spaces support my family in filling them with joy and love, community and compassion. But even good energy, positive energy must flow. Stagnation of any kind can be problematic. Coriander is coming in and clearing the path for all energy to flow.

So as I went through the house, I paid special attention to that closet I got so angry in. As the smoke rose, I got the sense that there was a lot of hurt and painful emotion stored inside this space. I called it out and thanked the closet for holding all this heavy energy. Then I firmly directed all that energy to flow out and back to source. While spraying the coriander hydrosol, I made it very clear that these walls don't need to hold heavy energy any longer. Reestablishing flow in the space caused a palpable difference. I also set my intention to feel comfortable in this space. I offered gratitude for the existing storage system and opened up for a more efficient solution when the time is right.

Can I just tell you that very same day, I sat inside that closet and happily recorded a podcast episode. Such a huge difference in there.

The pantry was a bit more intense. When telling me the house needed clearing Dr. J mentioned that she felt like there was a vortex under the house that was draining energy and that it needed to be closed. When I walked into the pantry to clear that space, I immediately got the sense that the vortex was strongest right there.

I smudged and I sprayed the hydrosol really spending time here feeling the discomfort and sending it all back to source. Next, I got out my crystals. I got out several of my clearing and protective stones and felt into where they needed to be placed inside the pantry. It felt like the vortex was extending way beyond our property.

I asked that the stones assist in keeping this vortex closed permanently. It took a moment to visualize the entire neighborhood being freed from this draining pull. But I sat with it and really felt into the closing of the vortex and the release from that pull by all of us.

And then I started to feel a little zapped. Ever get up from an especially fruitful gardening experience and realize you are covered in dirt, a little stiff, probably gonna be sore tomorrow, but wow, did you accomplish a lot? This was the energetic equivalent of that.

After energetically clearing a space and or objects, it is really important to clear yourself. So I headed to the bath and got out the Come Home bath tea along with some extra epsom salts. As I ran the water, I set the intention that this bath be energetically healing and cleansing for me. I called on each of the plants in the Come Home blend to offer their gifts.

Then I sank into the water. It was as if my sacrum was glued to the bottom of the tub.

I could feel myself encircled by the energy of pine. And it was clear that my taproot was traveling through my first and second chakras out through my sacrum and down deep, deep into the earth below me. Now, normally I do my best to stay in the bath for 20 whole minutes. But this time I didn't even move for 20 minutes.

My whole being was resting and rooting for the first time here. And I was overcome by how much I needed this. So I just let it happen and it was glorious. After I felt completely refilled and rooted, I set an intention that every single object inside the house be completely energetically, cleansed, and cleared.

Then I set a bubble of protection around the entire property. And finally I imagined my family flourishing in the space, creating and sharing love, compassion, and harmony. I concentrated on this so long I could physically feel it. And at that moment I knew the process was complete.

This was an intensive process. Moving forward. I will do more regular, probably lighter intensity clearings here. This combination of products worked so well, I will make sure to keep them at the ready for the next clearing. But I will also open up to what the situation and space are calling for.

There is no one right answer when it comes to energy work, I'd go even further as to say there is rarely ever one right answer at all. But I'll stay in my lane here and bring it back to energy work.

Energetically clearing spaces is a practice. I really enjoy. I've had some incredibly powerful experiences in helping people clear their homes in order to sell them. That was obviously before this crazy market. And in helping people who just couldn't get comfortable in their space. This is a service I offer both in person and remotely. This is a dynamic process and can look different for everyone. Each situation is different and needs to be addressed individually.

If you'd like guidance on which products would be beneficial to use in your own clearing. Let me know.

If you'd like to learn more about working with the energy of your home and your land. I highly recommend checking out Amy Dempster's work. She has a podcast called the Earth Keeper's Podcast and even offers a self-study course called Earth Tenders, where she goes in depth on how to work with the energy of your place.

I'm linking the products I used from ReSourced Apothecary, as well as Amy's offerings in the show notes. They can be found on the website, spelled just like the name of this podcast. And you can also read the full transcript there.

In closing. I want to remind you that physical issues most usually need physical support and energetic support.

We are multidimensional beings and will always benefit from approaching the treatment of our symptoms in multidimensional ways.

May this example of one practical application help you open up to the possibilities available to you. May you feel empowered to explore energetic clearing to the extent of your comfort level. Be that digging right in on your own, studying the subject more or reaching out to discuss how I might be able to support you.

If you have enjoyed this example of practical application and would like more, let me know. I want to provide valuable content here and the best way for me to know what you find valuable is to hear from you. You can send me an email or fill out the contact form on the Thymely Drops of Wisdom website, or send me a DM on Instagram.

However you reach out, please know that I am excited to hear from you and. It will brighten my day. So do not hesitate.

As always. I hope this serves your very highest, good.

Big love. My friend.