Jan. 4, 2023

Focus on the Root

Focus on the Root

This season, nature shows us how to focus on the roots.  We can accomplish this, energetically by tuning into our Root Chakra.


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 Welcome to the Thymely Drops of Wisdom podcast. I'm your host, Jessica Carmon, founder of Resourced Apothecary, where we are asking you to rethink how you refill your cup. Resourced Apothecary offers sustainable practices and products to help you deepen your connection to yourself, your community, and to mother.

here in this podcast, I'm sharing the plant spirit medicine I receive from the plants and the land. The plants share their wisdom through messages and actual medicines. We'll discuss both in detail. In addition, I provide sound healing and guided meditation to help you connect in with the plants in your unique way.

and I offer suggestions for integrating all of this into your life with rituals and practices that are both manageable and powerful. I'm thankful you're here. Let's get into today's topic. 



 Happy New Year. Dear listener, I have to tell you I missed our time together last week. It was good to take time for rest. Hopefully you were able to find some time for your own rest too. The energy around the new year is undeniable. So many people excited about a fresh start. It's easy to get swept up in it all, and at the same time, I can feel a pull to stay still. When I tune into nature to the plants, the need for devoting time to rest  and focus on the roots is so strong. 

We've been experiencing some crazy weather here in Alabama for the past several weeks, and the extreme cold temperatures shocked most of the plants in my garden. As I was tending to them earlier, I found myself saying,

"Don't worry about your leaves. Don't worry with sending more energy up right now. Focus on your roots. It's not time to grow up. It's time to spread your roots to get strong and build your reserves. Focus on that and you'll be just fine."

as the words left my. , I wondered if that wasn't the message that they were giving me?

In any case, it's medicine my body recognizes and resonates with. So what does following that advice look like? Focus on your roots. 

Focus on your root.  In meditation, you've heard me speak about sending your roots down deep into the earth and letting them travel as far and wide as you need in order to feel safe, secure, and supported.

Obviously for humans, these roots are energetic. When we work with the energy body, I like to follow the framework laid out by the seven chakra system. Your first chakra is your root chakra. This center is located at the base of your spine and governs the feet and the legs. This is representative of your foundation. Survival Instincts Live here. This center is where we build feelings of safety and security. In a world that focuses on brain power and cognitive intelligence, we tend to get pulled out of our root chakras. What's interesting about this is we cannot build a strong energetic foundation with our minds alone. Our primal bodies need to feel safe and secure.

We need these energy centers to be balanced and nourished. That's not going to happen in the thinking mind. Okay, so how does it happen then?

In my humble opinion, it starts with slowing down enough to even be able to tune into your root chakra. To assess where your energy is. Once you are aware, to then direct your energy into this center.

It is possible to nourish the root chakra with food movement practices, with meditations and focused intention. All of these will be more successful if you can start with awareness, not judgment, mind you, but awareness of your current situation.

So  when I invited you to give yourself Grace, that was a first step in this process. As we move through this season, pine and Rose and some other plant allies are going to offer their messages and guidance in nourishing your root. The scope of this podcast is to share the messages and the medicines of the plants.

Lately, I am feeling a call to get more granular with you, and during my time off the vision for how to effectively do that fully formed.

I have created a membership program called Resourced Ritual. , this membership is for you if you want more specific guidance in integrating the plant's, messages, and medicines that I share here in the Thymely Drops of Wisdom podcast.

It is for you if you are looking for ways to connect in that fit into your busy life. It is for you if you know in your head that a regular meditation practice will be beneficial, but you just haven't been able to create or stick with a practice that works for you.

We're going on a 12 month journey together. There are two options. One is the Practices option. You'll receive access to a private podcast that will offer monthly meditation. Impactful rituals that fit into your busy daily life. And reflection questions to prompt you to explore these themes as they relate to you directly.

The second is the Products & Practices option. This includes access to the private podcast I just described, and a specially curated product bundle with ReSourced Apothecary products that go along with each month's theme.

I am looking for 10 beta testers to start out on this journey with me. Because progress is better than perfection, and the world of memberships is new to me. We are going to learn together in this first round. As an early adopter, you'll get an incredible deal on pricing,  and your feedback will help shape future iterations of this offering.

I'm linking to the signup page in the podcast description. That link will take you right to it. Or you can visit www.resourcedapothecary.com and click on the ReSourced Rituals Memebership link.

If you have any questions or would like more information, send me an email. You can find me at info@resourcedapothecary.com, or you can DM me on Instagram or Facebook. I want you to explore this. If it is right for you, I want you to know it and feel it. If you have questions, let's get 'em answered. We begin in January, so if you're feeling called to join, please don't hesitate to sign up.

Next week here on the Thymely Drops of Wisdom Podcast we will be revisiting the powerful medicine that comes from Pine, Marjoram, and Marigold in the Come Home Bath Tea Blend. This is one of my favorite blends to date, and the message is so perfect for this season. We'll get guidance on grounding and calling all of our energy back in.

When I invite you to rest, I understand that it isn't so simple as just pressing the pause button on life. I know you have obligations and responsibilities. I know everyday life can be absolutely exhausting.

I see you. I honor you. We are going to find ways to shift. Ways that fit into your life so you can create change in small bits. They'll add up, I promise. Until then start with grace. you deserve it. You are worth it.

Big love my friend.