April 13, 2022

Rose: Offering support and Letting the Heart Lead

Rose: Offering support and Letting the Heart Lead


When you work with Rose, she comes in gently.  She builds you up.  It's hard to explain how incredibly held I feel when I work with Rose.  It's not surface level work you'll do together.  Rose challenges you in many ways. The magical part is how safe a respected I feel while Rose is challenging me to do better.  I really believe Rose can help anyone.  Her medicine is so powerful and far reaching.


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Full disclosure: I never really connected with rose before. As a kid, I remember my mom loving rose scented lotions, and no matter how much I wanted to love them as well, they just made me wrinkle my nose. Cut roses didn't catch my eye and I didn't grow up around any rose bushes. So for 30 plus years, I've been judging rose based on the interpretations of others and unintentionally avoiding creating my own relationship with the plant.

Here's what I thought: Rose is a symbol of love. Rose resonates with the heart charka. Rose is just ooey, gooey lovey-dovey energy.

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: I was wrong. Oh, I hate saying that.

Anyway. It's not that Rose isn't all of those things. It's more that, that is a very limited perspective of her medicine.

In our conversation together, Rose helped me widen my perspective and definitely gained my respect and admiration. 

So as usual, when I start out a conversation with a flower, I call in my source, my angels and spirit guides. And in this case, I call in the spirit of rose and I opened the conversation with,

"Dear Rose, thank you for joining me in that BETAR  session. Are you open to chat with me now about you and your medicine?"

And rose says, Yes. I'm happy to support you. Feel me wrapping around you like a comforting blanket or the arms of a loved one. I am holding. For you to center. I am gently encouraging you to really drop into your root chakra. Feel the constriction. Now, knowing that I've got you open up, you won't drop through the center of the earth, but all this baggage that you're carrying will. When you let your heart lead, there is no need to hang on to the weight of experiences, negative emotions or dense energy. The heart can feel and process and let go. This is different from when the mind is in charge. So here's your gentle nudge to change out the straw sized grounding. For a drainage pipe sized one, let all the constriction and heaviness flow down to mother earth. I'm lending my energy in support of keeping your heart in the driver's seat and holding open those chakras who may be blocked or only semi-open."

"Oh, wow!" I say, " I feel your support and I'm so grateful for it. Somewhere along the line, my mind shut out my heart. I didn't even know it. It feels wonderful to have her leading the organization that is myself again. And I thought I was doing enough grounding. I thought my root was open. Wow. Wow. It blew open so wide with your help. Thank you."

Rose replies," In this time, many will have similar experiences, but it could be other centers that need opening too. I help where it is needed as it is needed. I want you to know you are good enough worthy. And to challenge you to see if you are giving your all in certain areas. For you, Jessica, are you opening your root as far as you can really? Are you feeling just how fully supported you are when I hold you? Can you go deeper?" 

Hmm. " I need that guidance, that accountability to myself. Thank you. Rose. I'm looking forward to exploring how much deeper I can go with your support. Now is this medicine something you'd be comfortable sharing with others through ?" And Rose replies, " yes, dear. I came to you because you're receptive and because I know you will share my gifts. Don't be surprised if the other plants come to you with the same intentions. You are one who can share your experiences and learning moments in a way the world needs right now. Don't try to water down what you share or to universalize it. I want this medicine to filter through your lens. You are the crystal I choose right now to magnify my medicine."

"What an honor. Thank you." I say, "do you have instructions for how I share your medicine?"

Rose replies, "share your experience, share what works for you. Call me in, and we will decide if changes should be made for certain individuals. Trust."

"Thank you. I will do it and I will trust the process and you, I will let it be easy.

I will shine rose medicine through my light channel. Thank you."

That Rose is such a flatterer. It's not only me, that she treats like this. When you work with Rose she comes in gently. She builds you up. It's hard to explain how incredibly held I feel when I work with Rose. It's not surface level work you'll do together. Rose challenges you in many ways. The magical part though, is how safe and respected I feel while Rose is challenging me to do better.

I really believe Rose can help anyone. Her medicine is so powerful and far reaching. So, going back to the idea that roses medicine focuses mainly on the heart. It makes a ton of sense that in our society, people feel her heart medicine so strongly because as a collective, we could all use lots of help opening and balancing our heart chakras.


It also makes sense that Rose is much more dynamic than that. Think of it this way. If I were to ask 30 people who know you well, to tell me about you, do you think they would all say the exact same thing? I imagine there would be a ton of overlap in their answers, but there would probably be different characterizations from different people.

And most, if not, all of those would be true. So why would working with plants be any different, all this to say, when we work with flower essences, we can take in the complexity of the plant's vibration. We really benefit when we invite some part of their wisdom, their gift, their essence into our field. So that we can resonate with that gift.

So again, with Rose, when I work with rose essence, I know she is helping me balance and open my chakras. She has supported me immensely in grounding through my root chakra. Her loving and compassionate way of supporting me by gently pointing out where I can go deeper and holding me while I do so has helped me tremendously.

The beautiful thing about understanding the rose flower essence as holding the whole dynamic imprint of Rose is that each time I revisit my work with her, some new aspect of her wisdom reveals itself to me. And I can go deeper. This kind of relationship is available to all who use the flower essence. Each person's relationship will be unique. The plant or flower essence is contained in the medicine you are taking and is able to meet you where you are and guide you in a way that is right for you. It is a gift you can come back to again and again. 

You'll know it's time to work with Rose if for starters, you know something needs to shift, but you're not sure what. If you find yourself searching your mind for answers, kind of getting caught in your head without checking in with your heart. And if you're checking all the boxes on your mindfulness and consciousness work to do list, but still feel stuck or blocked in any area.

I want to encourage you to pay attention to any  roses you notice around you, whether they are growing or cut flowers. Being in the presence of Rose in all her forms can be powerful medicine when combined with the right intentions. You want to be sure you're working with plants, grown ethically free of chemicals and sustainably harvested. And pay attention to your local herbalists' offerings that include rose honor. What calls to you.

I have a beautiful rose flower essence available in my shop at ReSourced Apothecary. And there's a link in the show notes to purchase.

If you'd like extra support in working with your essence, you can visit the meditation library portion of my website. Also linked in the show notes. 

If you'd like one-on-one support in connecting with Rose, please reach out to me via email info@resourcedapothecary.com or you can use the contact form on my website. I offer in-person sessions as well as virtual.

No matter how you choose to connect with this wonderful flower, may you be supported and held by the energy of Rose for your highest good.