Dec. 7, 2022

Rosemary Meditation

Rosemary Meditation

Find a comfortable space and set aside 15 minutes for this meditation.  Don't listen while driving or doing any other tasks that need your full attention until you know how you respond to this experience.


Let me know what comes through for you!


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 Thank you for joining me in this Rosemary meditation to get started, find a comfortable position. It's up to you whether you choose seated or if you'd even like to lay down. I do ask that in whatever position you find that your spine be as straight as possible.

When we have a straight spine, the energy that we are working with and calling in during our meditation is free to travel up and down our bodies. And I find that this is really helpful in allowing the connection to the earth, the connection to the universe, the heavens, the all that is, and the connections between your chakras to all be optimized and allow for a smooth energy flow.

As you get comfortable, notice all the places that your body is being supported.

Offer gratitude that in every instance of contact you are being held up. Even though we expect the chair to hold us or the floor to support us, it is still a powerful practice to acknowledge that that support is still a gift and it is still worthy of our gratitude.

Feeling that gratitude throughout your body, start to bring your focus to your heart.

As you breathe in, allow that deep cleansing breath to move not only through your lungs, but through your heart as well. And as you exhale, allow that breath to carry out anything that no longer serves you.

Repeating this as much as you need. A simple act of intending to let go of stagnant energy, of negative energy, just whatever's not serving you, you're making a decision in this moment and you're directing your intention towards cleansing and clearing your body, your energy field.

We tune into the energy of the earth, allowing the visualization of dropping our roots down deep, letting them flow into and out from however it feels good. Let your roots seek the nourishment and the support that you need. So whether that's sending down a deep, deep, deep tap root to the center of the earth or sending out all of your wide reaching roots all around you really allow yourself to play with this idea of what do you need to support you in this moment?

Understanding that the intention and the exchange with the Earth is powerful.

Allow yourself to pull in supportive nourishment from the Earth much in the way a plant does.

As it travels up your roots and back into your physical body, feel the energy rising in you, the warmth of the nurturing love of the mother,

really let it take its course, wherever that may be throughout your body.

As we feel nice and rooted in this moment, we allow that upward rising of energy to turn our attention towards our crowns,

how much easier it is as we are supported to open our crowns, allowing in divine light, divine love, divine connection.

Really feel how supported you can be when you are tapped into both your roots and your crown, nourished by the earth connected to the universe

held in the here and now.

And now we call on the spirit of Rosemary.

Come in and share your message, share your medicine.

Understanding that Rosemary is bringing us to this mystery.

Opening up to the possibilities for healing, for nurturing.

Understanding that every time that you connect with Rosemary, there's a possibility that Rosemary will share a new gift.

And in this time where we tend to equate safety with certainty,

let's approach this mystery and this unknown that Rosemary is bringing us,

and see if we can attach a sense of safety and groundedness

so that we can experience the mystery without fear.

So that we can create a new relationship with uncertainty.

With the knowledge that you are held and you are safe in this now moment, I invite you to let Rosemary show you. Whatever Rosemary has to show you.

 And as you bring your awareness back into your body. Starting to give movement to your fingers and your toes. Maybe offer any gentle stretches that your body might be craving. In this moment,

we set an intention to integrate this wonderful experience. We give gratitude to Rosemary as always,

for sharing this guidance, these gifts, Understanding that this is only part of the beautiful relationship that Rosemary is

willing to offer us. Knowing that we can come back to this meditation and back into connection with Rosemary

by simply setting our intention and tuning in. As you've offered whatever gentle movement your body is asking for, and you start to come back into the moment and out of your meditative state, I invite you to remember that this relaxation, this comfort, and ease. Is available to you always.

Please feel free to revisit this meditation.

Please feel free to take a moment of intentional breathing throughout your day and call back this feeling

  1. Taking a moment of intentional breathing and calling back your connection to Rosemary.

Feel into what serves you the best and go after it.

I am here to support your very highest good, and I am so thankful for you joining me.

Big love my friend.