Dec. 21, 2022

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice


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 Welcome to the Thymely Drops of Wisdom podcast. I'm your host, Jessica Carmon, founder of ReSourced Apothecary, where we are asking you to rethink how you refill your cup. ReSourced Apothecary offers sustainable practices and products to help you deepen your connection to yourself, your community, and to mother.

here in this podcast, I'm sharing the plant spirit medicine I receive from the plants and the land. The plants share their wisdom through messages and actual medicines. We'll discuss both in detail. In addition, I provide sound healing and guided meditation to help you connect in with the plants in your unique.

and I offer suggestions for integrating all of this into your life with rituals and practices that are both manageable and powerful. I'm thankful you're here. Let's get into today's topic. 



 Hello, dear listener, happy Winter Solstice! In the Northern Hemisphere, today is the official beginning of winter, the shortest day of the year, and in my opinion, the place in the turning of the wheel of the year where we as humans Have gotten the furthest out of alignment with nature. Whoa, that took a turn.

Stay with me though. In this podcast, my goal is to share the messages of the plants. When we connect into the plants and start to get a real sense for who they are, not just what they are, we can't help but feel a little bit more connected to nature. In so many ways, modern life is not only disconnected from the rhythms of nature, but is forcing daily activity into direct opposition to those rhythms.

Case in point, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Ever notice what a toll that takes on you and your loved ones? If you have, I'm curious to know if you've been met with feelings of inadequacy or with the truth of the fact that this is not the time for hustle and bustle. Winter is a time when nature rests. That rest is sacred.

Without proper rest and respite, the roots of the plants will not have what they need to send up healthy new shoots in the spring. The growth cycle will start in deficit.

Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't be celebrating.  there is so much to celebrate and I will never turn down an opportunity to spread cheer and joy and love. What I am saying is that when the celebration gets co-opted and stretched out to last two plus months, while every year more and more pressure mounts to go and see and do, and buy the wheels tend to come off. 

If you are like me and have tried to shut down the big hoopla or reign in the magnitude of the celebration, or really even just attempt to refocus on what is really important during these celebrations, you will likely have been met with all kinds of resistance.

I want you to know my heart is with you. It isn't easy going against the flow,

and you may not be in the same camp on this. You may say, with all that is wrong in the world, this is the time to really do it up big. Spread cheer and joy as far and wide and as long as you can. 

 I want you to know my heart is also with you. It isn't easy juggling all the festivities and keeping things merry and bright.

No matter how you navigate the holiday season. I want to bring the winter season into your awareness. Here is a gentle reminder that from now until the spring equinox, your primal body is hard wired to crave rest.

If you are able to change nothing else about your daily life, maybe you can build in some time to give yourself grace. To honor that sluggish feeling that may arise, and even if just for a few minutes to be with that feeling instead of pushing past it.

If you are able to go further than that and build in some time to honor the season, to honor your season, I hope you will join me here in the coming months. Pine and Mugwort are coming in strong and I am really looking forward to sharing their messages.

I am going to take a break next week from this podcast and take my own advice and rest. No pushing, no hustling, just listening and resting.

When we come back in January, the big themes we will address for winter are grounding and dreaming. I've already got a lovely grounding product bundle ready on the Resourced Apothecary website, and it will be coupled with a root chakra balancing ritual that will be released in January.

Mugwort is often known as a powerful ally in connecting you to your dreams and has been showing up big time for me lately. How perfect that the winter season is the time for dreaming. That wonderful, meaningful work you do before planning. Mugwort will walk us into the dream world and help us explore all kinds of possibilities.

I'm really looking forward to putting together a moon time dreaming ritual with Mugwort.

So you see, we will have this beautiful balance of grounding into ourselves, into nature, getting really strong and steady. And from that place, being able to dream and explore all that is possible. This will all set us up for a very prosperous and exciting growth cycle in the spring. 

If you want to get a headstart on working with these plants and energies, the shop on the Resourced Apothecary website is always open, and there are links in the description of this episode to take you right there.

For now, though, I invite you to find time to pause wherever and whenever you can. Take deep breaths. Know that I am grateful for you. Your light is welcome here.

There is much to look forward to in the coming winter months. I am so thankful to be walking this path with you. Receiving and sharing the messages of the plants and exploring ways to deepen our connection to each other, to Mother Earth, and most importantly, that connection deep within. So as we enter the winter season, may you experience the perfect amount of merry and bright.

May you reserve time for rest and may you know that I am deeply grateful for your light.

Big love, my friend.